About Joa

The Artist: Joanie Rémillard

A painter from Quebec who offers a rich, colourful, and vibrant abstract art.

Introducing a new force in the art world, the visionary artist-entrepreneur, JOA. Endowed with an innate flair for creativity and a sharp eye for detail, JOA spent her early years collaborating with art studios and galleries, thus shaping her distinctive artistic voice.

The Artist, the Entrepreneur, the Person.

Joanie Rémillard, a painter with roots from greater Montreal, has turned her passion for art into her vocation for over 10 years. As a self-taught artist, she masters techniques and mediums to create a unique style. Her paintings are imbued with her creative personality, brimming with energy and sensitivity. Inspired by the endless forces and colours of nature, Joanie creates large-scale paintings that harmoniously blend colours, textures, movements, and energy. Her works, sometimes ethereal, sometimes energetic, evoke vitality, intrigue, dynamism, and freedom.


Renowned for her vibrant and rich COLOURS, Canadian artist Joa skillfully blends lively hues and neutral tones, thereby enhancing the character of each. Whether you lean towards “dark and dramatic shades” or “light and luminous tones,” her various collections and abstract artwork will resonate with you.


Looking for a unique, customized painting that harmonizes with your decor?

Joa specializes in creating customized artworks to suit your preferences. From the size of the canvas to the colour palette and style, she tailors each piece to complement your decor and tastes. Whether you desire vibrant hues or subtle tones, bold strokes or delicate textures, she works closely with you to capture your vision. Let’s collaborate to transform your ideas into captivating abstract works that not only enhance your environment but also reflect your unique personality and style.


They loved Joa's Signature Paintings

Many artists and public figures now own a Joa-signed painting (sometimes more than one!) and they are very happy with how Joanie helps them add colour to their lives.