Whirlwinds of colours Brimming with Power and Fuidity

This first vibrant artistic style was born from the ardent desire to bring colours to life and empower them with the magic of movement. In these blends of colours, the artist manages to capture the full power, fluidity, and beauty of waves. 

The WAVE collection is the result of inspiration triggered by the nuances that attract the artist, as well as those that awaken the imagination of her clients. Unleashing her creativity without constraints, Joa allows her fluid gestures to guide the creation of these extraordinarily captivating compositions. As you admire these paintings, you find yourself completely immersed in a whirlwind of colours, akin to the surge of waves crashing powerfully against themselves.

Each painting in the WAVE collection is a true succession of colourful waves, conveying a broad spectrum of emotions ranging from peaceful tranquility to the unleashed turmoil of oceanic storms. Delving into this collection, you will be swept away by an exceptional visual experience, where colours come to life and transport you, inviting you to feel the energy, strength, and beauty of waves in all their splendour.