About JOA


The Artist, the Entrepreneur, the Person.

Captivated by art, Joanie Rémillard began painting at a very young age. With roots from greater Montreal, she humbly represents local talent.

Self-taught, Joa adeptly handles various tools and mediums, constantly refining her technique to create her unique style. She adorns each of her canvases with bursts of her creative personality, brimming with energy and sensitivity.

Portrait de l'artiste-peintre québécoise Joanie Rémillard, de Joa Arts. Joanie crée des toiles d'art abstraites et minimalistes.

An abstract, colorful, and lively, rich style

Joa’s sources of inspiration are diverse. A landscape filled with colours, the frenzy of everyday life scenes, images brought back from travels… Everything serves as an inspiration for this artist.

What sets her apart: a unique style that combines COLOURS, TEXTURES, and MOVEMENTS.

Renowned for her vibrant and rich COLOURS, Joa skillfully blends lively hues and neutral tones, thereby enhancing the character of each. Whether you lean towards “dark and dramatic shades” or “light and luminous tones,” her various collections and artworks will resonate with you.

Her expertise in materials allows her to layer different TEXTURES. She handles plaster, acrylic, metallic elements, resin, and many others, adding depth to her creations. All this on XXL gallery canvas, allowing you to be immersed in the final artwork.

Her different collections offer energetic MOVEMENTS, sometimes fluid, sometimes more defined, which fascinate. Joy, intrigue, freedom, and hope are certainly among the emotions provoked by her paintings.

An Artist and an Entrepreneur

Joanie Rémillard wouldn’t be recognized today if she hadn’t put her entrepreneurial spirit forward. Creation is a solitary process. However, to turn it into a life project, the artist must emerge from the solitude of their studio and take the initiative to reach out to people. And that’s exactly what Joa did.

In 2011, when she sold her first painting, she realized that Art was no longer just a dream but an opportunity. She considers herself part of this new generation of artist-entrepreneurs that involves representing oneself. Quite a challenge!

Joa is also an artist who listens to the needs of her clients. Thus, in order to meet the specific desires of each individual, Joa also offers original customized artworks. For a tailored original artwork, don’t hesitate to write to her.

Portrait de l'artiste-peintre québécoise Joanie Rémillard, de Joa Arts. Joanie crée des toiles d'art abstraites et minimalistes.

Being an entrepreneur also means being involved

Since the beginning, Joanie has participated in numerous exhibitions. It’s with a commitment to promote Art that Joa opened a gallery in 2019. It aimed to showcase local artistic talents while providing a friendly space to discuss art and design while sharing with other entrepreneurs in the field.

Those who know Joanie know that she is a person who gives without counting. This shines through both in her art and in the many causes she supports: Leucan, Opération Enfant Soleil, and Fondation Bon Départ to name just a few.

A Woman. An Art. A Spirit. A Heart.